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Called to Lead Coaching

Elisha Bravo was born and raised in Southern California where she resides with her 3 children. She is an Ordained Minister who founded Church On Sundays. As well as, the founder of Project Nehemiah Refuge and Project Nehemiah U.S.A. named after her youngest son. The Lord spoke to her, while in church, in 2005, that she was going to have a son and his name would be, Nehemiah James. He was born in 2010 and has an amazing heart for God.

She is the CEO of How to Be Happy
She is a Global Life Coach, Certified Cancer Project Chef, and a licensed Mortgage/Real Estate Broker.

Her relationship with the Lord started literally in her mother’s womb. Her mom had a dream while in the hospital. The Lord came to her and said, I have called her by name to do great things, her name is to be Elisha Eve. She was raised knowing and loving the Lord by both her mother and grandparents. 
Jesus Christ has always been the center of her life. Jesus has faithfully guided her every step of the way. Her hearts desire is to share the word of God across our nation and help the less fortunate with a hand up in life.

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California, USA
The happiness program helped me to clear the "unforgiveness" that was stuck in my heart permanently. Learning to take your thoughts and rearrange them into a forgiving state is truly clearing your heart to love unconditionally that person or persons forever. This practice releases them and you into a peaceful loving state. Love is truly the only thing that’s real. The program helped me by giving me the tools and techniques to transmute fear into love and forgive myself and others. It was an amazing journey I highly recommend.
The Happiness Program has given me many gifts. The most significant being the gift of true forgiveness. I worked on forgiveness for over 20 years without complete success, so this was a massive win for me. Also, the ability to go in and get real about the shadow self, release it and claim victory has been life changing for me. I am forever grateful for Elisha and the program.
New Jersey, USA
It was amazing working with Elisha  during my advanced happiness program. She eloquently guide with honesty, structure, accountability and so much love. I am forever thankful for her knowledge and support.
Massachusetts, USA
To be able to take a look at your past and reconcile how it makes you the person you are today has been refreshing. You then are ready to achieve an even higher level of happiness. The program heals your whole self and prepares you to be ok even when things don't happen the way you imagined they would. They provide guided support that leads you to a community of people that you can go to. This program has been a blessing for me.
Texas, USA
The happiness program changed my reality in the most beautiful way possible. Not only does the program allow you to truly be happy, it also makes you aware of all the little things that make you who you are.

Elisha is one of the most amazing coaches out there and it’s been an incredible journey since day one.

Choose this program to awaken your true potential — you deserve it.

Texas, USA
Completing the happiness program has changed my life. I used to visit happy every now and then, mostly just living in survival mode. Now I live in and stay in a happy state, and have the tools to navigate the stressful situations life brings. I am armed and ready to handle situations. I control my peace and happiness again. I found my childhood joy and love of life again. I have my power back in all areas of my life. Life is a beautiful journey.
London, UK
I've spent a lot of my life looking up, searching for answers, staring into the mirror questioning the point of it all. Training has always got me through, it was the one thing I had control over. Good days, bad days; I trained. Training has never been just about my physical form or strength, it's been the fundamental base that allows me to deal with the twists and turns life often throws our way. They say focus or fold; I chose to focus, in the gym, and the rest became easier to deal with. But there comes a time when you want more, where living life is not enough and loving life is the goal. Sometimes we all need a little help, no matter how stubborn or independent we think we may be. I looked up one day and asked . . . and just like that, people, things or situations simply fell into place, one “coincidence” after another.

Working with Elisha has, without a shadow of a doubt, been the best thing I've ever done for myself. It's changed me in ways I could only ever dream possible, and I can't thank her enough.

I still look up, not in search, but in gratitude. I still stare in the mirror, not in question, but in affirmation. Living life is great, but loving life is a different level.
Mississippi, USA
I’ve struggled for decades with depression even on two different kinds of prescription medicine. I have tried so many ways to deal with the pains of my past, but nothing really solved anything. It put Band-Aids on some for a short time. In two short months, my whole world turned around in so many ways. I have been off all medicine for depression for several months, with the guidance of my doctor. At my last visit, she said, “In all the years I’ve treated you, I’ve never seen you so happy and look so good.” I wake up in the morning filled with joy and live that out throughout my days. I would not be here, in the state I’m in right now, had I not gone through the How to be Happy program with Elisha Bravo. Best decision I ever made!
I am so grateful that God led me to this program. It has taught me to love and believe in myself in ways that I did not know were possible. I continue to learn everyday what a mutual relationship with God actually looks like and why He is your Golden Ticket to accessing a lifetime of success and opportunity. I have learned to communicate my needs and expectations of others which has greatly improved my relationships by creating healthy boundaries in every aspect of my life, even with my beloved pets. This program is no nonsense so if you are ready to conquer your fears, correct bad habits, and to start living your best life, then this program is for you. I look forward to meeting the transformed you! 
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